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[PATCH v2] tracing: Choose static tp_printk buffer by explicit nesting count 0 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH v2] x86/traps: Don't force in_interrupt() to return true in IST handlers 0 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH] tracing: Choose static tp_printk buffer by explicit nesting count 7 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 3/7] x86/uaccess: Give uaccess faults their own handler 0 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 1/7] x86/xen: Simplify set_aliased_prot 2 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 0/7] x86: uaccess hardening, easy part 16 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 6/7] x86/uaccess: Don't fix up USER_DS uaccess faults to kernel addresses 0 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 4/7] x86/dumpstack: If addr_limit is non-default, display it 2 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 2/7] x86/extable: Pass error_code and an extra unsigned long to exhandlers 0 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 5/7] x86/uaccess: Warn on uaccess faults other than #PF 1 reply Linux Kernel
[PATCH 7/7] x86/uaccess: OOPS or warn on a fault with KERNEL_DS and !pagefault_disabled() 1 reply Linux Kernel
Re: [PATCH] x86/arch_prctl/64: restore accidentally removed put_cpu in ARCH_SET_GS 1 reply Linux Kernel
[PATCH] efifb: Don't show the mapping VA 2 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH] x86/mm: Switch from TASK_SIZE to TASK_SIZE_MAX in the page fault code 1 reply Linux Kernel
[PATCH] x86/fsgsbase/64: Use TASK_SIZE_MAX for FSBASE/GSBASE upper limits 1 reply Linux Kernel
Re: Is it really correct to check for breakpoint in kernel space against ptracer's address space? 4 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 4/4] signals/sigaltstack: Change SS_AUTODISARM to (1U << 31) 2 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 3/4] signals/sigaltstack: Report current flag bits in sigaltstack() 2 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 2/4] selftests/sigaltstack: Fix the sas test on old kernels 3 replies Linux Kernel
[PATCH 1/4] signals/sigaltstack: If SS_AUTODISARM, bypass on_sig_stack 9 replies Linux Kernel
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