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Re: [2.6 patch] change the SOUND_PRIME handling

Andrew Morton-8
Adrian Bunk <[hidden email]> wrote:

> SOUND_PRIME (for OSS) is a tristate.
>  This doesn't make much sense if most users are checking for
>  This patch changes the semantics of SOUND_PRIME to being a limit for all
>  OSS modules, IOW: SOUND_PRIME=m does now say that all OSS drivers can
>  only be modular.
>  As a side effect, since SOUND_PRIME already depends on SOUND, there's no
>  longer a reason for drivers depending on SOUND_PRIME to additionally
>  depend on SOUND.

This spits lots of rejects because it had dependencies on Sam's trees and
I've dropped all bk trees.  Please fix it up in a week or three.

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