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Linux 2.4.31-pre1

Marcelo Tosatti

Here goes the first pre of v2.4.31.

It contains a very small number of changes, mostly an x86_64 update.

Side note: I'm planning on moving the v2.4 repository along with the full
history information to a git repository soon.

Summary of changes from v2.4.30 to v2.4.31-pre1

Adrian Bunk:
  o MAINTAINERS: remove obsolete ACP/MWAVE MODEM entry

Andi Kleen:
  o x86_64: Handle MM going away in context switch
  o x86_64: Backport 2.6 MTRR algorithms
  o x86_64: noexec=off never worked correctly for the kernel direct mappings
  o x86_64: Fix idle=poll
  o x86_64: Fix reference counting bug in change_page_attr on i386/x86-64
  o x86_64: Resend lost APIC IRQs on Uniprocessor too
  o x86_64: Avoid a obnoxious warning during build
  o x86_64: Flush correctly when more than one page is getting flushed
  o x86_64: Reload init_mm on leaving lazy mm

Andrew Morton:
  o rwsem: Make rwsems use interrupt disabling spinlocks

Herbert Xu:
  o [NETLINK]: Fix sk_rmem_alloc assertion failure in af_netlink.c

Hugh Dickins:
  o madvise_willneed -EIO beyond EOF

Marcelo Tosatti:
  o Change VERSION to 2.4.31-pre1

Pete Zaitcev:
  o visor: Add Zire 31 device ID

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