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Dear Friend,

I am Dr Mammud Abdul Ali Chief Remittance officer of Habib bank Nigeria limited.I don't think it is quite clear to you or maybe a surprise.I sent you this proposal and i am seeking for only one godly person to work with. Let me clarify you now to avoid any misunderstanding, I am also conscious of my job and safety of my clients money.
I will tell you the truth and also who my client is.Please I want you to keep this strictly confidential, his name is Vincent Arap Moi of Kenya.He is the son of the late President of his country. please  you can re-visit these website to read about him below.

(1) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3338023.stm 
(2)<a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3025878.stm%">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3025878.stm%

Only ($34,000.000.000) thirty four million US dollars was kept here in our bank  from their business with a wealthy diamond merchant from Seirra Leone.His father was
one of the close confidants of Mr Sani Abacha(the late military president of our country) whom he did business with.I have all docs related to their fund transfer in our bank and the present situation now.
All I require from you is a good bussiness or offshore bank account details which can carry this funds(offshore prefarably), I will only fill it in for payment as the beneficiary of the funds. Do not worry about anything, it is 100% risk free. I will involve a lawyer who will get a power of attorney for the change of beneficiary, I sign and he will represent you here in bank to sign the funds off to your account since you may not be able to make under such short notice. The documents of transfer will be sent to you by DHL OR UPS Courier service for cover and evidence should your bank ask questions before my arrival to your country.
We shall be through in roughly one week to complete the transfer and it will be done telegraphically from bank to bank.You can call me as soon as you get this message on my cell phone so that we can discuss it ok.Also give me your full contact details and address,also numbers to call you anytime.
I hope and pray that we can work together in all honesty, not wanting anything from anybody and being truthful even when the funds enter your account.Also At the conclusion of this business, you will be given 35% of the total amount, 60% will be for me, while 5%
will be for expenses both parties might have incurred during the process of transferring.
Also let me know what you do exactly.I look forward to your earliest response through my private mail below.
Yours truly,
Dr. Mammud  Abdul,
Email address:([hidden email])